Being passionate about art & design, my husband and I started Ans with the idea of supporting and portraying the work of Argentinian designers and artisans to the world. We named our project "Ans" to honour a friend of us who was a great artist and who very unfortunately died very young of an epileptic attack. 


Our business culture can be described as bright, passionate, colourful, daring, honest and confident.


We examine the various ways in which fashion designers and artists approach fair-trade design, from materials and processes to concepts and techniques (products made from organic or alternative fibres, recycled or re-used materials).


We are committed to provide our customers with brilliant products and to exceed their expectations in every way possible.


We offer door to door delivery internationally. We hope that you will take as much pleasure from buying our beauties as we do in bringing them to you.


Please take a moment to browse through our website and learn more about our extraordinary one of a kind accessories and the unique artisans and designers we feature.


Find our beautieshere 

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Where the beauties  are lovingly cared for by the team

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