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Beauties made with Passion

From South America with love
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Mini 4

This fast and frugal car was conceived with

easy cruising in mind. Made of reconstitu-

ted leather and wooden is ready to carry

your pens and pencils everywhere with

low consumption and 0 carbon emissions



This agile and functional truck can carry all

sort of desk objects. Made of reconstitu-

ted leather and wooden.




This little car can carry your salt & pepper

shakers. The roof function is designed as

a holder. Both the salt and pepper shakers

are produced in a wood with special features

that prevent humidity affecting the content.

Made of reconstituted leather and wood


Sunday's lunch

Designed to enjoy relaxing time with family

or friends. Small and comfortable; equipped
to carry napkins, tea spoons, etc. It brings
fun to your table. Made of reconstituted
leather and wood


Set of 5 magnetized clips. They can help

you organize your bills, coupons, menus

and message delivery. They have high

load capacity thanks to a separate clip

system that allows to hold whatever you

want. Made of reconstituted leather



Made of reconstituted leather. You can give

many uses to this cute butterfly, in the kit-

chen for hanging dish towels or utensilsalso

in the mirror in the room or the bath-room,

to hang necklaces and scarves



This cute mouse bank/purse can transport

your coins and other small objects. The

coins can be loaded from the front and

you can close it by pulling its tail. Made

of reconstituted leather


Piggy bank

This cutie has a large capacity that can be emp-

tied and reloaded. Coins can be removed by

simply opening the back flap by pushing in

and down. Made of reconstituted leather



This cutie can keep you company and help

you keep your items organized. Made of

super quality reconstituted leather.




Kangaroo is a useful assistant. You can load

blocks of paper and pencils in its belly. Its

mouth can hold your messages and wait

until they reach their destination. Made

of reconstituted leather.